I am an identical twin and use the process of art making to address the emotional implications of this delicate relationship, as well as to further investigate relationships in general.
I have found that the intricate connection with my twin sister goes past any physiological explanation and has made it necessary to heighten my own understanding of connection, from a genealogical perspective, and from a more universal perspective as well.
Through my drawings I am able to expose the layers of an infinite spectrum and search for an identity outside of the twin connection, to further investigate ontological singularity, or what is left of reality once the concept of connection is freed up.
Each drawing presents itself to me as a series of meditative endeavors, and by tapping into this process I am able to synthesize disparate emotions and artistic medium into a crystallized work. It is in this meditative state that I am reminded of the truth inherent within art making and I am returned, ultimately to the basis of my practice.