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mixed media on paper
33" x 50"

In personal collection, NFS
Power Portrait collaboration with my 7 year old daughter Ada.
It was done with the intention of being something that my daughter could look upon daily that makes her feel strong, protected and safe. I like to think of it is a golden line portrait of herself as a young woman in her full power and truth.
The sun and moon are the masculine and feminine energies coming together in perfect balance for her, buttercup flowers for self esteem, yarrow for protection, clover as a connection to ancestral homelands, Lioness and Rabbit are her main animal helpers at this time and the owl feather around her neck is for connection to spirit and inner knowing. Her hair is symbolic of a cloak of protection and the stars on her dress are a sign of her being fully in her essence and a claim of having sovereignty over her own body. The gold around her neck is for clear speaking and a blessing that she finds a way to speak her truth and only create that which is best for her evolution. The bow and arrow is for clear focus and protection/assitance for integrating shadow.