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Lay down on the Earth and look up at the night sky. What do you see? Do some stars seem closer and brighter? Does one stand out more than the others?
See if you can find one that draws you in and make a wish on it. Do you think you would have the same wish as a child on the other side of the world? How many wishes do you think were made on that same star?
What happens when the dust from that star falls down to earth and comes into your body through the air you breathe, the water your drink and the food that you eat? Is the wish still there?
Close your eyes and sense your body. Can you feel the weight of the sky? Does it feel like a blanket covering you? Do you think you could feel safe and at home anywhere in the world with this blanket holding you?
This drawing was a collaboration by Samira, Jackie, Ada and I while talking about the refugee and immigrant families. We then spoke of where we all originated from and what that journey must have been like for our ancestors and ways we could help the refugees today.

graphite on paper
12" x 16"